Sunderland boss David Moyes plans to park the ‘double decker bus at Liverpool (Video)

Great line to be fair

A double decker bus
A double decker bus

Liverpool v Sunderland

Sunderland travel to Liverpool today in what will be a really difficult game for the Black Cats.

Buoyed by recent results and relieved to be finally off the bottom of the table, Sunderland will nonetheless do very well to avoid a heavy beating today.

With the way Liverpool are steamrolling opponents, it could be a very tough afternoon for the Black Cats, but David Moyes has a trick up his sleeve.

Parking the ‘double-decker bus’

The Sunderland boss admitted that he’d shake hands on a draw even before a ball is kicked, and said that their only feasible option is to ‘park the double decker bus’, taking Jose Mourinho’s famous line and adding a nice touch to it.