Leo Messi & Luis Suarez play head tennis

Leo Messi plays head tennis with Luis Suarez on honeymoon (video)

The Suarez family join the Messi honeymoon

After their huge wedding in Rosario, just over a week ago, Leo Messi and wife Antonella Roccuzzo are currently enjoying their honeymoon in the Bahamas.

Over the weekend, the Messi family were joined by Luis Suarez, wife Sofia Balbi and their children.

The Messis and Suarez’s are close, with Antonella and Sofia running a clothing store in Barcelona together.

Leo Messi & Luis Suarez play head tennis

The Barcelona first team return to pre-season training on Monday under new coach Ernesto Valverde.

Leo Messi and Luis Suarez are not due back today – certainly the Argentine was given more time off due to his wedding.

On Sunday, Messi uploaded a video to Instagram of himself and Suarez playing head tennis in a swimming pool.

The video was tagged “boys having fun” and features Messi and Suarez heading the ball back and forth.

Undoubtedly the highlight is the end, when Messi and Suarez show some faux anger.

The video has racked up nearly six million views in just over nine hours so far…

Leo Messi & Luiz Suarez play head tennis

Los chicos divirtiéndose 😝😝 The boys having fun👍👍

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Family Messi & Family Suarez on holiday

Visita sorpresa a @luissuarez9 @sofibalbi #thiaguimatubenjadelfi @antoroccuzzo88 🐚🌴

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