Sebastian Giovinco owns October’s MLS best tricks and goals compilation (Video)

Giovinco claiming another two victims
Giovinco claiming another two victims

All hail the Atomic Ant

Sebastian Giovinco doesn’t quit. He doesn’t give anyone a moment’s peace, a second’s respite, from his skills. The Atomic Ant was always admired in Italy but in Toronto, he’s worshiped.

How else would you treat a Football God?

Football bucket list addition

Okay, maybe I’m being a little excessive with my praise but there’s no doubting who the King of Major League Soccer is. One day, I’ll make the trip there to pay my respects. You should add that pilgrimage to your bucket list too.

We bring you October’s MLS compilation of tricks, flicks, and brilliant goals. You Know Who is all over it.

There’s an ant infestation in the video below. Click it to scratch the itch for silky skills.


Sebastian Giovinco