Rebekah Vardy tells Piers Morgan off for calling her a WAG (Video)

Rebekah Vardy gives out to Piers Morgan
Rebekah Vardy gives out to Piers Morgan

Vardy hits out

Rebekah Vardy told Piers Morgan off for referring to her as a WAG on Good Morning Britain. Married to Leicester City player Jamie Vardy, she said that it was a derogatory term towards players’ partners. She tried to make it clear that she was more than simply a wife. She is also a mother and said that so many other wives and girlfriends have careers.

Dated term

Rebekah Vardy said: “Oh come on Piers, that term is so dated. You can think of something better than that surely.”

When Morgan replied that it was simply an acronym for wives and girlfriends, she clarified: “I know it does but it’s just a bit derogatory. I’m not just a wife and a girlfriend, I’m a Mum and there are so many more of the wives and the girlfriends that have careers and actually do other stuff instead of just you know sitting and shopping.”

Vardy is an ambassador for charities like Young Minds and Enough Abuse. Watch the interview below.