Pogba, Zidane and more react to fan designs for Adidas third kits (Video)

Adidas competition

Wishing to freshen up the style of their threads and engage their demographic, Adidas came up with an interesting competition. They would ask fans to design the third kit for some of Europe’s biggest clubs.

The winner would presumably receive a bunch of prizes, one of which was meeting the players and coaches of whatever club was concerned and seeing their impressed reactions.

Adidas released a YouTube video showing these reactions. You can see it below.

Holy Trinity strip

Some of the designs are daring but not extreme. You won’t find Real Madrid wearing a tuxedo kit in the Copa Del Rey. Manchester United’s third kit was grey. They have a dreadful history in that colour, but this one wasn’t grim.

Instead, it featured the club’s Holy Trinity of Best, Charlton and Law, the men whose statues are outside Old Trafford. It elicited an enthusiastic and flattering compliment from Paul Pogba, which clearly made the designer’s day.