Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola tells journalists that John Stones has ‘more balls’ than them (Video)

Stones has lots of balls

John Stones had a decent game for Manchester City against Liverpool. The Super Sunday clash ended 1-1.

Let’s ignore the fact that Liverpool should have scored at least three or four goals.

In the end, they only scored one and it led some journalists to bring up the fact that Stones wasn’t terrible. Pep Guardiola wasn’t as appreciative as they might have anticipated. Instead, he belittled the press room.

He said: “John Stones has more personality than all of us here together in this room.

“[He has] More balls than anyone here, guys. So I like that player. I love that player.”

Guardiola trying to be charismatic

Speaking about Jurgen Klopp before their meeting, Guardiola admitted that his rival was more charismatic.

Maybe this outburst, and the eccentric high five during the game, was a step towards a new Guardiola.