Max Allegri

Max Allegri to replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal analysed (BBC Video)

Max Allegri & Arsenal

Following an incredible performance by Juventus in the Champions League on Tuesday night as they beat Barcelona 3-0, links between Arsenal and manager Max Allegri have again resurfaced.

The topic was discussed on BBC 5 Live radio, with Italian football expert Mina Rzouki offering her insight into the possible transfer.

Does it make sense?

The case was made for why Allegri won’t  be the Arsenal boss next term.

Leaving aside the issue of whether Arsene Wenger will sign a new deal, it was confirmed that Allergi has stopped learning English in a sign a move to the Premier League has been shelved.

Rzouki also analysed why Allegri isn’t a good fit for Arsenal, as she argued the Gunners need a coach who can change their mentality.

Watch the video below.