Marcos Rojo gets a new Red Devils song after horror fouls v Everton & Crystal Palace (Video)

Marcos Rojo song
Marcos Rojo song

Marcos Rojo gets a new Red Devils song

Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo appears to have been trying to get Christmas off, but he’s so far failed.

In recent matches, the Argentine defender has attracted plenty of criticism for terrible fouls against Everton and Crystal Palace.

On both occasions Rojo avoided getting dismissed, even though most others believed the United man should have seen red.

Cue a new United song

On Saturday Man United visited the Hawthorns to take on West Brom.

At the game, a group of United fans sung their new song for Rojo. Sung to the tune of “High Ho its off to work”, the song goes:

Rojo. He is a red you know. He’ll take the piss, he’ll break your legs. Rojo, Rojo. Rojo.

Watch the video below.