Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho suffers wardrobe malfunction during BT Sport interview (Video)

Like an Uncle at a wedding..

An unkempt Mourinho speaking to BT Sport
An unkempt Mourinho speaking to BT Sport

Mourinho speaks to BT Sport

Jose Mourinho has given an in-depth interview with BT Sport ahead of the opening day of the Premier League season.

The Portuguese speaks candidly ahead of his debut season at the helm of Manchester United, while eulogizing the competitive spirit in the Premier League when compared with the other big European big leagues.

Did he get dressed in the dark?

But aside from all the interesting quotes provided as ever by Mourinho, there was one rather amusing aspect to this interview: Mourinho’s sartorial presentation.

With his collar unbuttoned and his shirt untucked at the waist, Mourinho resembled an uncle at a wedding.