Jurgen Klopp thanks Pep Guardiola for doing an even more embarrassing press conference (Video)

Pep & Klopp get stroppy

The last round of Premier League fixtures produced plenty of talking points, both on and off the pitch.

Off it, both Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp caused a bit of a stir with their post-match interviews and press conferences, as they couldn’t hide their frustrations with their respective games (Pep with Fernandinho red card, Klopp with Sunderland penalties).

The result was a pair of spectacularly obnoxious football managers acting like kids.

Klopp thanks Pep

In the heat of the moment, such poor communication is understandable to an extent, but it’s clear Jurgen Klopp is a bit embarrassed about the way he spoke.

Speaking at his pre-Plymouth press conference today, Klopp thanked Pep for doing an even more embarrassing press conference, thereby taking the heat off him.