Jamie Carragher questions Arsenal players’ manhood after Crystal Palace defeat (Video)

Arsenal lose at Palace

Arsenal travelled to Palace tonight tonight amid the biggest crisis ofArsene Wenger’s career.

The Gunners were emphatically smashed by Bayern Munich in the Champions League last month, going down 10-2 on aggregate, on a night that was as depressing as it was predictable for Arsenal fans.

In a season of lows, it was a new low for the Wenger regime, and it means that essentially, top four is all Arsenal have left to play for this season, as well as the FA Cup – which the fans frankly aren’t bothered about.

But having lost at Palace tonight – their 4th straight away defeat in the league, the Gunners are now languishing down in 6th and looking decreasingly likely to make the top 4.

And as ever with Arsenal, it wasn’t simply the defeat, but the manner of it that stuck in the craw: for the umpteenth time, they were simply outfought by a technically inferior team.

Carra questions Arsenal players’ manhood

It’s been hammered home so much that it’s become a bit of a tired cliche by now, but Arsenal really do lack backbone and mental strength.

Looking to put a fresh spin on it, Jamie Carragher came up with a quite incredible quote, saying that no man would want their daughter to bring an Arsenal player home.