Depressing: England fans disrespect the Poland flag at Euro 2016 (Video)

England fans Poland flag Euro
England fans Poland flag Euro

England fans are like idiots

A video has been posted on YouTube from Euro 2016, which is another black mark against England fans.

It’s unclear when the video was actually filmed, while the location is also unknown.

What’s evident in the video, however, is that a large group of English and Welsh fans were enjoying beers and football chants as Euro 2016 fever took hold.

Unfortunately, the atmosphere was ruined by some fools with a Polish flag.

Supporters disrespect the Poland flag

In sad scene, one fan produced a Polish flag, and within seconds it was disrespected.

One fan stomped on the flag to begin with, before another idiot decided to show flash his arse in the direction of the symbol of Polish pride.

Watch the video below.