Alex Oxlade-Chamberlin has taken Cohen Bramall under his wing (Video)

Relatable Ox

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlian knows how it feels to be the new boy at Arsenal. He was a few days shy of his 18th birthday when he signed a deal that would cost £15m in total. Cohen Bramall arrives in different circumstances but The Ox will help him settle in at one of the world’s biggest clubs. He said so in an interview with Arsenal player.

‘He seemed like somebody I wanted to help’

He said: “I was training on the side of the pitch with the fitness coach. So I was looking over and then I saw him training, so I asked someone about him and they me a story and obviously it made me think ‘wow’.

“To be where he was a couple of weeks ago, and then to be training with the Arsenal first team, I was thinking he must be in dreamland over there. I paid close attention to him and saw some really good signs of things – you can see why we wanted to sign him. I was very encouraged by his story and quite inspired to see someone that’s been given that opportunity and he was proving himself and holding his own.

“It was great, and then I chatted to him after training and he was just a really good lad and a top boy.

“He was generally just delighted and surprised at the same time, to be in the position that he was. He was really humble about it as well, which is always nice to see.

“Straightaway he seemed like somebody I wanted to help and wanted to see do well.”

Oxlade-Chamberlain has always come across as a really nice guy in interviews. We’re sure that he’s the type of person we want to welcome us into a new workplace. Bramall will land on his feet at Arsenal.

Bramall was made redundant from his £400-a-week job as a factory worker at Bentley Motors in Crewe last week. Now, he’s earning £3,000-a-week in the Premier League. Watch the Ox’s interview below.