Sheffield Wednesday’s Vincent Sasso jokes about his image on FIFA 17 [Tweet]

Vincent Sasso's non-existent FIFA 17 image.
Vincent Sasso’s non-existent FIFA 17 image.

FIFA 17 released

For those of you who are unaware, FIFA 17 was officially released today.

As expected the release of the game caused a lot of hype the world and the hashtag ‘FIFA17’ was trending throughout the day on Twitter.

This seasons new edition of FIFA promises to be the best one yet and includes lots of new features.

However, it appears the makers of the game (EA Sports) have not included every single players picture on the team management menus.

Sasso jokes about FIFA image

One player that has had his picture left out by EA Sports is Sheffield Wednesday defender Vincent Sasso.

The 25-year old has a blank dummy image instead of an image of his face like the rest of the players.

After seeing this for himself, Sasso joked about the situation by asking EA Sports whether he should send them a ‘selfie’ on Twitter.

See Sasso’s tweet below: