Bastian Schweinsteiger

Reporter asks Schweinsteiger incredible question at Chicago unveiling


A reporter at Bastian Schweinsteiger’s Chicago Fire asked the German an extremely confusing question that has been questioned on social media.

The German was asked whether he will be able to help the MLS side World Cup, which the player could not exactly understand.

He instead dodged the question after not hearing it but the rest of the room were quick to acknowledge the question.

It is not yet seen whether this could have been a joke, or rather a slip of words from a nervous reporter.

The German transferred from Manchester United to the MLS side after limited chances in the Premier League.

Basti will now play his remaining years in America and follow in the footsteps of Steven Gerrard, Lampard, Pirlo and David Villa.

Scholes names Europa League contenders

The Manchester United legend has been speculating who the Red Devil’s biggest contenders are for the Europa League.

Scholes, who thinks that United are definite favourites, sees Lyon as potential contenders in the final. 

“I think Lyon are maybe the obvious contenders to United,” he explained.

“But, apart from that, I don’t see too many problems for them in that competition.”

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