Arsenal fan Poet reacts to Chelsea fans’ prank outside the Emirates [Video]

Chelsea fans channel pulled off a brilliant prank earlier this week, with four of their crew dressing up as the A-Team and storming Arsenal territory. They planted the word ‘Chelsea’ in giant lettering right beneath the giant ‘Arsenal’ sign just outside the Emirates, and then fled the scene once the job was done. Proud as […]

Arsenal Fan TV’s Robbie unveils AFTV’s manifesto for the British General Elections [Video]

Everyone’s favourite host of Arsenal Fan TV, Robbie Lyle, has released an excellent new video unveiling AFTV’s manifesto for the British General Elections. Arsenal Fan TV’s manifesto focuses on four main topics: Economy, immigration, environment and the National Health Service. On the economy, Robbie proposed a 90% tax on the owners of Chelsea and Man City as well […]

Paul Scholes and the Neville siblings star in funny Manchester Thunder promo [Video]

Former Manchester United players Paul Scholes, Gary Neville and Philip Neville star in a funny new promo for the Manchester Thunders, coached by Tracey Neville. In a reference to the Peter Kay comic relief charity single, members of the netball team dance through the streets of Manchester while miming the words to ‘Is this the […]

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