Girl cries hysterically after getting a hug from Cristiano Ronaldo in Turin [Video]

Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid arrived in Turin today ahead of their huge Champions League semi final 1st leg against Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo’s entrance from the airport was met with shouts of his name from Italian fans. One lucky girl got up close and personal with the Portuguese superstar, getting Ronaldo to sign her Real Madrid […]

Cristiano Ronaldo was inexplicably annoyed after victory against Almeria [Video]

It’s no secret that Cristiano Ronaldo has got a bit of an obsession with scoring goals. Managers and fans wouldn’t have a problem with this drive, given the return rate. But what is a problem is how Ronaldo carries on when he doesn’t score. He cuts an extremely frustrated figure, sulking around the pitch and, […]

Marcelo hypnotizes Cristiano Ronaldo with skills show at Real Madrid training [Video]

There were plenty of skills and tricks on show at Real Madrid training today, as Marcelo and James Rodriguez put on their own spontaneous show. The Brazilian and Colombian exchanged passes with an awesome keepy-ups rally, which had Cristiano Ronaldo completely transfixed. Watch closely for Ronaldo’s reaction, as he stood in an almost hypnotic state at […]

Real Madrid legend Raul places Leo Messi a rung above Cristiano Ronaldo

The Cristiano Ronaldo v Leo Messi debate is a seemingly never-ending one. It’s a question that constantly asked of ex-pros, and with both players enjoying admiration across the board, Messi would appear to just about shade Ronaldo in popular opinion. You’ll often find an element of political lobbying among the opinions: ex-Real Madrid players opting […]

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