Diego Maradona scored a quality curler in Morocco charity match (Videos)

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 20.02.55

On Friday, Diego Maradona took part in a charity match in Morocco.

The encounter, which saw ex-world stars face up to their Moroccan counterparts, was staged in order to mark the 40th anniversary of The Green March.

Besides Maradona, undoubtedly the star of the show, the likes of Abedi Pele, George Weah and Mohamed Aboutrika also took part.

Now 55, and looking rather portly on the pitch, Diego Maradona provided the viral moment of the encounter, scoring a lovely curler after 10 minutes.

Whilst the defender may have allowed the Argentine legend to make space, the goalkeeper was certainly trying!

Diego Maradona’s partner Rocio Oliva scores a brilliant goal in Dubai (Video)

Diego Maradona’s partner Rocio Oliva has scored a terrific goal this week.

The Argentine legend and his partner are currently in Dubai, and the couple have been showing off their skills of the football pitch.

Maradona was the first to strut his stuff as he waddled around some cones before he lobbed the goalie with a sweet strike.

Rocio Oliva then burst on the scene, and she also found the target with a sweet left footed strike into the top of the net.

Enjoy the footage below.

“Eternal friend”: Diego Maradona posts about re-uniting with England-Argentina referee [Facebook]

Now aged 72, former Tunisian referee Ali Bennaceur made one of the most infamous mistakes in World Cup history, allowing Diego Maradona’s famous ‘Hand of God’ goal to stand against England.

He never officiated a FIFA World Cup match again after 1986 tournament but has an “eternal friend” in legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona.

The former Napoli forward posted on Facebook about meeting the referee of the famous quarter-final, which still infuriates England fans today.

Interestingly, the referee embraced the mistake he made instead of being embarrassed, hanging up a photo of the famous match in his home in Tunisia.

Diego Maradona wrote on Facebook:

This weekend I visited Tunisia and I had an emotional reunion with Ali Bennaceur, the referee of the England match in Mexico 1986. I gave him an Argentina shirt and he gave me the picture of that game that hangs in his home. My dedication: “For Ali, my eternal friend”.

Castellano | Italiano | EnglishEste fin de semana visité #Túnez, y tuve un reencuentro muy emotivo con Ali Bennaceur,…

Posted by Diego Maradona on Monday, 17 August 2015

Argentina went on to win the 1986 World Cup in Mexico with captain Diego Maradona winning the esteemed Golden Ball award. No wonder he still has a connection with Ali Bennaceur almost 30 years later.

Diego Maradona climbs on a table to belt out ‘No Woman No Cry’ (Video)

Considered by many as the best to ever play the game, Argentine forward Diego Maradona has struggled to adapt to real life since retiring from football.

Out of a job since 2012, the eccentric 54 year old Napoli legend was recently filmed singing the Bob Marley classic ‘No Woman No Cry’.

Singing along with his friends, Diego Maradona is filmed climbing up onto the table to exuberantly sign the chorus of the Bob Marley classic.

Watch the video below.

Man City’s Martin Demichelis picks his greatest XI of all time ft. Messi & Maradona [Video]

Manchester City today published a video in which Argentine defender Martin Demichelis picked his all time XI.

The 34 year old centre half, who has played in Argentina, Spain, Germany and England, picked three Argentine forwards to lead the attack.

Argentina are not famed for their defenders so Demichelis chose a European back line with three legendary Germans.

There was no space for a Manchester City teammate, nor was there space for Cristiano Ronaldo. Watch the video below.

Diego Maradona puts in terrible challenge on grandson Benjamin Aguero [video]

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 02.14.54

It is often joked that Benjamin Aguero has a lot to live up to.

After all, Benjamin’s grandfather is Diego Maradona. His father is Sergio Aguero. And, his godfather is Leo Messi.

Footage has now emerged of little Benjamin Aguero playing with Diego and the Argentine legend puts in a pretty rough challenge on his grandson.

As you would expect, this clip has gone viral in Argentina and across the globe.

Kudos to the youngster for getting up and finishing with aplomb.

Remember the name etc…

Diego Maradona backed to be new head of FIFA by Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro [Video]

Football legend Diego Maradona has been backed for the position as head of FIFA by the President of Venezuela.

Speaking on his national television channel Nicolas Maduro said that the Argentine World Cup winner had been calling out FIFA for decades, only to be laughed at and ridiculed. The president then urged all people who love the game to get behind the football icon.

With the news of Sepp Blatter’s resignation it will be interesting to see who officially enters the race to become the head of football’s governing body.

Prince Ali bin Hussein of Jordan and former Newcastle and Spurs legend David Ginola have already confirmed they will stand for election, with more name set to be announced.

Diego Maradona brands FIFA ‘liars’ in stunning rant against organisation [Video]

Argentine footballing legend Diego Maradona is very outspoken in his hatred towards FIFA.

After yesterday’s arrests in Zurich, the 54 year old Napoli legend went on national radio to produce a stunning rant against the organisation.

Diego Maradona labelled the FIFA bigwigs as ‘liars’ who hate football and urged them to be more transparent.

The FIFA elections are due to take place tomorrow but there is a decent chance that it will be postponed due to the arrests.

Watch the video below.

Diego Maradona’s response to the FIFA arrests was typically blunt [Picture]

maradona blatter comment, may 2015

An outspoken critic of FIFA president Sepp Blatter, footballing legend Diego Maradona was always going to comment on today’s high profile arrests in Zurich.

Maradona has previously branded Blatter a dictator and abused the politician three days ago ahead of what was expected to be another presidential election win on Friday.

That election may now be postponed.

In an article published by the Telegraph last Sunday, Maradona wrote: “The media is filled with stories on the string of scandals that have surrounded Blatter for well over a decade. There are so many, it has almost become boring to repeat them.

“Who would be surprised by another bit of Fifa intrigue and larceny, another accusation of bribery?

“When I ask why so many people think Blatter will make it yet again, the answer is always the same: He has won support with years of unethical patronage, favours and handouts.

“No one has argued that he is the best man for the job and deserves to win. They “praise” him for keeping one step ahead of the investigators – whether they are auditors or the FBI – and ignore how Fifa finances have turned into a shambles with losses over $100 million (£65 million) alone at ISL, the Swiss marketing company closely associated to Fifa.

“There is a sick admiration for Blatter much like that accorded to an old Mafia boss who has somehow managed to stay out of jail.

“Blatter’s political history is one of promoting division and hiding failures.
Recently he pledged to follow through in addressing racism in football and promoting women in the sport. That made me laugh. My question is: “Sepp, what were you doing in your last four terms?”

Blatter has not yet been arrested despite there apparently being an FBI investigation against him. A lot of journalists and politicians have actually vouched for Blatter, claiming that, in their dealings with him, he has never appeared corrupt.

Today, on his Facebook page, Maradona posted a picture of Blatter in the aftermath of the scandal with translations for one word: Thief. We’re sure he had to fight hard to stop himself from using a harsher description.

There’s plenty more to run in the most controversial story in football.

Diego Maradona rips Sepp Blatter to shreds over 2022 Qatar World Cup [Video]

Argentine footballing legend Diego Maradona yesterday spoke out against 79 year old FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

Blatter has overseen the controversial successful World Cup bids of both Russia and Qatar.

Diego Maradona said money-driven Sepp Blatter is chasing champagne and is scared of being denied of his share of the cake.

The 54 year old World Cup winning legend also spoke about the Premier League and the Bundesliga.

Watch the video below.

Scum: Diego Maradona hits a woman and a cameraman after charity match in La Paz [Video]

Diego Maradona sunk to a new low – if that is at all possible – in La Paz last night, after the charity match he had organized and taken part in.

El Diez, looking and acting like some kind of caudillo drunk on power, basked in the attention he was receiving from fans as he marched out of the stadium afterwards.

It was a relatively calm and peaceful scene, with fans just looking for autographs and photos from their idol, but Diego incredibly lashed out without any provocation, striking a woman in the face, and then smashing a reporter’s camera phone.

What a scumbag.

Diego Maradona looked like a crazed maniac in a boxing exercise [Videos]

A strange video has come out showing Diego Maradona doing some exercise.

54-years-old, Maradona revealed how is now staying in shape by taking on boxing into his fitness regime.

During the video which has surface online, Maradona turned his ‘hands of God’ into fists of fury as he went about punching a purple dummy.

Maradona’s facial expressions revealed just how intense the Argentine is taking his exercise, as Diego had the look of a crazed maniac during the video.

Watch the footage above and below.

Bayern Munich chairman says Maradona was better than Pele [Video]

Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has given his two cents on one of the classic football debates: who is better, Pele or Diego Maradona?

Rummenigge played for Inter Milan at the same time that Maradona was playing for Napoli and said that the divine Argentine transformed that city.

It was Maradona’s appetite for different leagues which appears to hold a big appeal to Rummenigge.

While Pele played out the twilight years of his career in America after many years with Santos, Maradona took in Argentina, Spain and Italy at the height of his powers.

Ronaldo Nazario tells Diego Maradona he was his idol growing up [Video]

It was a meeting of the minds on Venezuelan show De Zurda last night, as the great Diego Maradona interviewed The great Ronaldo Nazario.

Maradona, who hosts De Zurda, had Ronaldo on as a special guest via satellite, with ‘El Fenomeno’ explaining that he’s going to play four playoff games with Fort Lauderdale Strikers in the NASL, USA’s second division, just below MLS.

At the beginning of the interview as the pair were exchanging pleasatries, Ronaldo confessed to El Diez that he was his idol growing up as a kid, and that all the players of his generation wanted to emulate him.

Maradona looked quite moved by Ronaldo’s eulogy, but it was hard to tell due to Diego’s erm, new facial features.

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Epic Fail: Yang Xu sent off for attempting Maradona’s famous ‘Hand of God’ [Video]

Shandong Luneng were today handed a 4-1 beating in the AFC Champions League group stages by Jeonbuk Motors.

Yang Xu scored Shandong Luneng’s only goal before later being shown a second yellow card in ridiculous circumstances.

Trailing 3-1 in the 79th minute, Yang Xu attempted to re-produce Diego Maradona’s famous ‘Hand of God’.

Not only did his effort hit the post and rebound into the keeper’s arms but the referee clearly saw what Xu attempted.

He was shown his second yellow card and could have no complaints.

If only this referee was about in 1986 when Diego Maradona conned the referee to eliminate England.

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The best Memes on Diego Maradona’s bizarre new face post plastic surgery [Video]

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Legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona has suffered a rather troublesome personal life outside of football.

The former Boca Juniors striker recently went under the knife and got some serious plastic surgery work done on his face.

Photos of Diego Maradona’s new face have shocked the world of football, with German newspaper Bild dubbing Maradona ‘Mamadona’.

Plenty of Memes have been doing the rounds on the interweb and we’ve collated the best ones in the video below.

Subscribe to the 101 Great Goals Youtube channel here.

Awesome new footage emerges of Diego Maradona playing futsal in his prime [Video]

We’re not exactly sure where this footage has been sourced from, nor the exact date from when it was shot, however the footage speaks for itself as a must watch video.

The clip shows Diego Maradona playing futsal in his prime and reminds viewers of just what an unbelievable player the Argentine legend was.

With his silky left foot, outstanding balance and his low centre of gravity, Maradona repeatedly danced around opponents and made them look statue-esque in brilliant footage on the small pitch.

Sit back and enjoy Diego Maradona showing off his talents on the futsal pitch above.

(Thanks to @MottiColman for the tip off)

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Ronaldo & Messi feature in football legends Selfie by Marca, but who is missing?

In the wake of the Ballon d’Or gala on Monday, Marca have produced a wonderful picture.

Effectively, Marca are suggesting, and its difficult to argue, that Cristiano Ronaldo has joined the pantheon of greats.

So, Ronaldo joins Alfredo di Stéfano (in the background) alongside from left to right, Zinedine Zidane, Michel Platini, Pele, Marco Van Basten and Franz Beckenbauer.

And then in the front row is Johan Cruyff, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona.

As Marca write, Messi and Ronaldo now have a VIP pass into the football legends arena.

But, who is missing?

For example, the likes of Ronaldo (the Brazilian), Ronaldinho, Eusebio, George Best, Garrincha and Bobby Charlton surely all have a claim?

Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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Fidel Castro penned Diego Maradona a letter to prove he’s not dead

Diego Maradona has provided proof that Fudel Castro is still alive this week, but showing off a new letter received by Cuba’s most famous communist.

As seems to happy every other week, rumours have been doing the rounds recently that Castro, now 88-year-old, had passed away.

Looking to put those rumours in their place, Castro is said to have penned a letter to Argentina’s legendary Diego, and Maradona has in turn shown the letter to television network Telesur.

Telesur, funded by Venezuela, Cuba and other governments, showed the 1986 World Cup-winner holding up a letter signed by Castro on Sunday night.

See the Telesur news report above.

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Diego Maradona announces he’s starting a new TV show next week, to be filmed in Cuba [Video]

Diego Maradona is returning to TV sets in south and central America very soon.

The Argentine legend released a video onto social media sites on Monday confirming that next week he’ll begin filming his football TV show De Zurda.

In a move showing El Pipo’s political tendencies, Diego Maradona will record the first two episodes of the show in Havana, Cuba.

The show will be broadcasted on Argentine’s Telesur, being a follow up to Maradona’s football programme which was so successful during the 2014 World Cup.

Watch Diego Maradon’a announcement video above.

Diego Maradona says he thinks Manuel Neuer should win Ballon d’Or, not Lionel Messi

Legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona has said that he thinks that Manuel Neuer should win the Ballon d’Or rather than compatriot Lionel Messi.

Maradona made the comments when he was on a visit to Cuba when he was appearing the on the programme De Zurda.

He said: “Neither Messi nor Ronaldo are my choice; my candidate is Neuer who did more to merit the award.

“I think Ronaldo and Messi took a break,” Maradona continued, when speaking about the World Cup in Brazil.

Neuer has had an incredible year which featured a starring role in Germany’s World Cup win. Maradona won the World Cup himself as a player and is regarded by many as Argentina’s greatest ever footballer.

Maradona managed Argentina to the World Cup in 2010, coaching a team which featured Lionel Messi at the forefront of the attack but they were undone in the quarter-finals by a rampant Germany team featuring Neuer.

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Diego Maradona gets ‘bitch’ tattooed on his chest for girlfriend Rocio Oliva [Pictures]

Diego Maradona has whipped up another social storm this week with his latest artwork on his body.

The Argentine legend was recently caught on camera hitting his ex-fiancé Rocio Oliva, and weeks later Diego was snapped giving his 24-year-old partner the Hand of God in a swimming pool. 

Now the duo’s relationship seems to be back on track, and so Diego and Rocio went to the tattoo parlour to get some new work done.

Maradona got Rocio’s name inked onto the inner part of his forearm, but more controversially he added the word “perra”, or bitch, above he left peck.

Supposedly added in reference to his partner, many are upset with the sexism represented in the tattoo.

As for Rocio, she got ‘Diego’ placed on her arm too.

See the pictures above and below.

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Legendary Brazilian star Ronaldo reveals his all time best XI ft. Messi & Pele [Picture]

Once of Inter Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid, Ronaldo was one of the greatest number 9’s to ever grace the pitch.

‘El Fenomeno’ yesterday picked his all time XI and there were some interesting results.

There was no space for Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona stars Leo Messi & Xavi were the only active players in the XI.

The likes of Zinedine Zidane, Pele, Johan Cruyff, Diego Maradona and Alfredo Di Stefano link up with Messi in a six-pronged attack.

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Amazing! Gary Lineker gets Mourinho, Henry, Pele, Maradona & more to feature in best man speech [Video]

Match of the Day host Gary Lineker this weekend gave the best man speech at his close friend Richard King’s wedding.

The former striker called on his famous footballing friends to help produce an epic best man speech.

Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, Jose Mourinho, Alan Shearer, Thierry Henry, Jamie Redknapp, Pele and Maradona all make fun of Richard King in the funny video.

Definitely a perk of having Gary Lineker as your best friend.

RUMOUR: An Argentine TV show claims Diego Maradona pops 4 viagra pills a day

A rumour is sweeping Argentine websites in relation to the country’s biggest footballing superstar: Diego Maradona.

According to a local TV show El diario de Mariana, Diego Maradona swallows four viagra pills a day in his relationship with young lover Rocío Oliva.

The rumour surfaced in connection with claims that the 53-year-old and 23-year-old are expecting a child (for the record, that piece of gossip seems unsubstantiated).

It was also suggested on El diario de Mariana that whenever Diego travels the world, his ex-wife, Claudia Villafane, requires an ambulance is always on standby near Maradona, 24-hours a day.

It goes without saying that Diego Maradona, who has had a history of major heart problems,should not be taking anything like four viagra pills a day.

See the footage of El diario de Mariana’s accusations towards Diego Maradona below.

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Diego Maradona gets invited to Venezuela, falls asleep during President Maduro’s speech [Video]

Oh Diego!

Diego Maradona was personally invited to Venezuela this week to enjoy the celebrations for the 190th anniversary of the Battle of Ayacucho, however the Argentine legend failed to stay awake during the event.

Maradona was presented by President Nicolas Maduro’s speech as “a rebel and revolutionary”, and Diego was celebrated by the crowd.

Unfortunately for Maradona, the 54-year-old struggled to stay lively throughout President Maduro’s speech, and just before the President spoke about the football icon, Diego was spotted asleep with his arms folded and eyes closed shut.

See footage of Diego Maradona taking a nap below.



Still got it! Diego Maradona shows off his skills in warm-up for marathon match in Dubai [Video]

54 year old Argentine Diego Maradona is arguably the greatest footballer of all time.

The Boca Juniors legend was the star attraction at the Dubai Sports Council’s (DSC) 36-hour ‘Spirit of the Union’ marathon match.

Although rather out of shape, Diego Maradona showed off some pretty nifty touches in the warm-up.

It’s unlikely he actually managed to actually dribble past anyone. Still got his skills though.

You dirty old man! Argentine magazine Muy shows Diego Maradona’s wandering “Hand of God”

Diego Maradona’s relationship with girlfriend Rocío Oliva is again front page news in Argentina this week. 

Weeks after video emerged showing Maradona hitting his ex-fiancé Rocio Oliva, the Argentine legend has once again been recorded with his hands all over his partner.

This time, however, Maradona was getting far more physical with his 24-year-old partner in a swimming pool.

The pictures seem to be showing that all is now well again with Diego’s relationship with Rocío, and the images have gone viral as many react by calling Maradona a dirty old man. 

See the racy images of Diego Maradona with his wandering “Hand of God” below.

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Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 8.45.19 AM

Some Scotland fans trolled England by turning up to Celtic Park as Diego Maradona [Pictures]

A couple of pictures are doing the rounds on social media following England’s 3-1 win over Scotland on Tuesday night.

While the Three Lions claimed the win on the field, off it a handful of Scotland supporters won the contest in the trolling stakes.

Looking to inject a bit of needle into proceedings, three Scotland fans demanded attention as they arrived at Celtic Park wearing kilts, official Scotland shirts, topped off with cardboard Diego Maradona masks.

A separate Scottish fan also had exactly the same idea, arriving the the game with a Scotland shit that had ‘Maradona 86’ printed on the back.

See the excellent pictures above and below.

Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: Diego Maradona was better than Pele [Video]

Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has praised legendary footballer Diego Maradona and said he was ‘better than Pele’.

Rummenigge, who was in the news this week for saying Louis van Gaal had a ‘huge ego’, achieved great success in his career but the former striker was prevented from winning the biggest prize in the game by Maradona in 1986 – when Argentina beat Germany in the World Cup final.

However, Rummenigge doesn’t hold any grudge and instead only has admiration for his magnificently talented opponent. He justified saying Maradona was better than Pele by comparing the challenges that each player undertook, with the Argentine heading to Europe to taste success with Barcelona and Napoli.