MOTD pundits impressed & amused by N’Golo Kante’s new role at Chelsea

N'Golo Kante
N’Golo Kante

Has N’Golo Kante’s role changed at Chelsea?

There was plenty of interest in how Chelsea lined up at Hull on Saturday as they recovered from a recent poor run to win away 2-0.

Cracking curlers from Willian and Diego Costa put the Chelsea first team in a good mood after the game.

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And, the win meant Chelsea fans could forget the recent defeats to Liverpool and Arsenal.

The 3-5-2 formation employed by Chelsea means that plenty of players had to adapt to Antonio Conte’s new system, amongst them was N’Golo Kante.

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After showing Chelsea’s game second on Match of the Day, the match was analysed by Alan Shearer and Jermaine Jenas.

Along with Gary Lineker they looked in depth at N’Golo Kante’s more advanced role.

The French midfielder can now push forward much more than he was used to, compared to his role at Leicester and before that at Nice.

Whereas Kante was a supplementary central defender at Leicester, performing brilliantly as they won the Premier League title last season, in this 3-5-2 Conte formation he can get forward a lot more.

“He went to pieces a little bit there!”

Jermaine Jenas said “At Leicester they had a lot less possession, so naturally he was a lot deeper, at Chelsea they control far more games. so he’s finding himself in more advanced positions.”

Jenas continued, hailing Kante for winning the ball back on “numerous occasions” and labels the French midfielder the catalyst behind Chelsea’s victory at Hull.

The former Newcastle midfielder calls Kante a “driving force” but then wonders what the Frenchman will do when he gets into the “advanced positions”.

Jenas jokes that Kante “doesn’t quite trust himself” but points out that the Chelsea defensive midfielder “has got the ability to do it.”

Gary Lineker then jokes about Kante’s miss at Hull after Diego Costa had hit the post. To which Jenas replies “that’s where he went to pieces a little bit there!”

But, finally they conclude that Kante was the “main driving force… it was a good display from him.”

See some screenshots from the analysis below.

Kante's advanced positioning
Kante’s advanced positioning
Kante runs into the box
Kante runs into the box
Kante wins the ball back high up the pitch
Kante wins the ball back high up the pitch
Kante at a bit off a loss at the edge of the box
Kante at a bit off a loss at the edge of the box
Kante sets Costa away
Kante sets Costa away
Kante blazes over after Costa miss
Kante blazes over after Costa hit the post