Germany Keeper Manuel Neuer pulls off a Cruyff Turn v Norway [GIF]

Neuer being Neuer
Neuer being Neuer

Manuel Neuer, the Super Keeper

Manuel Neueris unlike any goalkeeper in the history of the game.

The Bayern man has transformed the sweeper-keeper role, to the point that he could be fairly described as a super-keeper.

Spending most Bayern and Germany on the edge of his 18-yard box, Neuer acts as his teams’ last defender rather than their goalkeeper, charging out of his area to beat onrushing opponents.

Cruyff Turn

And just like any keeper, he fancies himself with the ball at his feet.

Given half a chance, Neuer likes to show off his footwork, and he did so tonight with a neat Cruyff turn during Germany’s 3-0 win in Norway.