Arsenal target Alexandre Lacazette’s stats are remarkably similar to Olivier Giroud’s (Video)


Lacazette v Giroud

With Arsenal reportedly preparing a bid for Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette, Sky Sports produced a graphic comparison between the pair of French strikers today.

And their stats are remarkably similar.

While Giroud played 9 games more than Lacazette, he scored just one more goal than the Lyon man, but Giroud does have a marginally better minutes per goal ratio.

Lacazette v Walcott

As the Sky presenter correctly points out, the Lacazette-Giroud comparison is far from a perfect one, as they are different types of players.

Sky then show a comparison between the Lyon man and Walcott, and this time Lacazette comes out comfortably on top.

But then, who wouldn’t against Walcott?