Arsenal fan trolls Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho for forgetting about Invincibles (Video)

Speak for yourself Jose

Arsenal's Invincibles
Arsenal’s Invincibles

Mourinho accepts having to lose some Premier League games

Jose Mourinho has a rather bitter and tense past with Arsenal, owing to his long-standing feud with Arsene Wenger.

The pair have never seen eye to eye, and they’re set to renew hostilities this season, when Mourinho’s Manchester United take on Wenger’s Arsenal.

So it was probably with some relish that this Arsenal account picked up on Mourinho’s mistake about losing Premier League games.

Forgets about Arsenal’s Invincibles

Because after losing the Manchester derby, Mourinho said that in the Premier League, ‘you’re going to lose matches.’

Arsenal fans would disagree with him: they went the entire 2003-04 season unbeaten, and then some.