Man United paid David Moyes and coaching staff £5.2m after sacking

Manchester United have revealed that they paid David Moyes and his coaching staff £5.2m after sacking them in April.

Moyes was handpicked by Sir Alex Ferguson to succeed him as manager at Old Trafford but the appointment proved ill-fated and the former Everton boss was dismissed after less than a season in the hot seat.

The club announced how much it cost to part with Moyes under the heading Exceptional items in a statement: “Exceptional items for the year were £5.2m, primarily related to compensation payments on loss of office to the former manager and certain members of the coaching staff. Exceptional items for the prior year were £6.2m.”

Louis van Gaal became boss at United in the summer but the transition hasn’t been exactly smooth for him either. Moyes is still currently out of work.

Awkward! Manchester United’s museum needs an update, stuck in Moyes era [Picture]

Manchester United might want to give their museum an update!

Associated Press journalist Rob Harris posted a picture from a recent visit to the museum and it still says that David Moyes is the current manager of the club, as well as giving a blurb signalling a bright future.

It finishes off by saying, ‘A new chapter has begun..’. As the saying goes: The rest is history!

You can see the tweet below.

Ouch! David Moyes’ disastrous reign at Man United cost the club £50m [Star]

Manchester United are paying a heavy price off the pitch as well as on it as a consequence of the disastrous David Moyes era.

Whatever your opinion on Moyes as a manager or who you pin the blame on for the club’s descent, it cannot be denied that the alliance of coach and club proved to be a hellish one.

According to tomorrow’s Star, the former Everton boss’s awful 11 months at Old Trafford cost the club £50 million, not taking into account the gut punch of not qualifying for the Champions League.

A repeat performance of last season will ensure that United suffer greater losses after the amount of money they’ve pumped into the rehabilitation of the squad.

You can see the article below.


Former Man United & Everton boss David Moyes takes on ice bucket challenge

This is what it sounds like when former Manchester United and Everton manager David Moyes screams!

Fair play to Moyes for taking on the ALS ice bucket challenge, having been nominated by Marouane Fellaini, who he of course took from Goodison Park to Old Trafford.

Moyes nominates Paul McGinley the Ryder Cup captain, Rod Stewart (both from Scotland) and Leon Osman, who he managed at Everton.

The video was uploaded onto YouTube by Lauren Moyes, David’s daughter.

Good stuff! Well done David Moyes!

Marouane Fellaini’s picks ex-Man United manager David Moyes for the ice bucket challenge

Manchester United’s Marouane Fellaini had flattened his bouncy afro in the ice bucket challenge.

The Belgian midfielder was nominated Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke, amongst others, and in return Fellaini selected former Man United and Everton gaffer David Moyes.

Whether the Scottish unemployed gaffer will rise to the challenge remains to be seen.

See Marouane Fellaini take on the ice bucket challenge below.

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Ex-Manchester United boss David Moyes: ‘We wanted Ronaldo & Bale last summer’ [Daily Mail Interview]

David Moyes has given a lengthy exclusive interview with the Daily Mail today, which has been brilliantly written up by Matt Lawton, and which is well worth a read.

Among some of the more interesting parts, are the recounting of Moyes’ final day in charge at Old Trafford last season, and the bitterness he holds about finding out through the media.

‘I’ve moved on, but I’ll never forget the way I lost the job.’

In the end it was difficult for my family, the way we discovered — via the media — that I’d lost my job.

‘We have always tried to do things the correct way. I know it comes with the territory, and I know if you lose matches you risk being sacked. But how it affected my family made it hard.

I just don’t think I was given time to succeed or fail. I was taking over from a manager who had been there for more than 20 years, and I tried to continue the success the club had enjoyed. There was always going to be a difficult period.

The most interesting revelation is on the infamously bungled transfer window last summer, in which Moyes and Ed Woodward failed to sign anyone of real clout, only bringing in Fellaini after missing out on a host of targets, Cesc Fabregas and Thiago Alcantara chief among them.

But two other names stand out from Moyes’ interview: Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.

‘It’s been well documented that we wanted Fabregas, Bale and Ronaldo. There was talk of Ronaldo when I first arrived. We were close to getting a couple of major names. I’m not getting in a blame game here but things just didn’t materialise.

I had taken over from the most successful manager in history. The chief executive had taken over from one of the most renowned administrators in the game [David Gill]. So it was a new job for two people.’

‘I thought we worked well together. We worked as a team. We tried to do the right things. I was criticised for getting rid of Rene Meulensteen but I asked him to stay. But since we left I’ve spoken to my staff and we’ve gone through what happened.

It meant a lot to us all. We were all desperate to succeed and we’re all hurt. But we will learn from this.’

 Considering Manchester United and Real Madrid’s respective 2013/14 seasons, safe to say Ronaldo and Bale are satisfied with their decisions.

‘Moyes In, Van Gaal Out’: Twitter gags & jokes as Manchester United trail Swansea at half time

Manchester United take a 0-1 deficit into half time in their Premier League opener against Swansea, and true to form, Twitter has gone into Moyes/Van Gaal jokes overdrive.

Moyes In, Van Gaal Out, etc etc. – wait, were United not allowed to concede a goal the whole season purely due to Van Gaal’s presence?

Then again, the jokes are inevitable, especially considering United have been pretty poor so far, and Swansea are worth their 1-0 lead.

Put Moyes back in the dugout, and it’s as if nothings changed – no cohesion, no linking up, no understanding.

Let’s be fair, it’s a makeshift United team, with two kids making their debuts, so this was never going to be a routine 2-0 win a la the Fergie Years.

But…Swansea have never beaten United at Old Trafford in the Premier League, and to start with a home defeat would be an inauspicious start to the Louis van Moyes reign, to say the least.

Sorry, Louis van Gaal.

Sky Sports produce brilliant contrast of Van Gaal & David Moyes’ 1st Manchester United press conferences [Video]

[gthumb id=”442652″ size=”large” autoplay=”1″]

Louis van Gaal greatly impressed the press pack at his Manchester United unveiling last Thursday afternoon, with a show of confidence, authority and composure that greatly contrasted with David Moyes’ same unveiling a year ago.

The contrast is stark: Van Gaal so assured, ready, and clear on his belief in his own ability; Moyes like a rabbit caught in the headlights, unsure of how best to answer questions and looking like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world at that given moment.

While Van Gaal insisted he will go out and do things, the video then cuts back to Moyes using that word that made United fans cringe all last season: ‘Try’.

Where Van Gaal said he will do this, that and the other with sheer conviction, Moyes could only repeat that he’ll try to do so.

Another incredible contrast was their respective reactions to landing the job: Van Gaal says ‘They came to me, I told them my philosophy, and they were excited, that’s why I’m here.

Moyes, on the other hand, sheepishly said: ‘Fergie told me I had the job, before I could say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, and the blood drained from my face.’

With the benefit of hindsight…

Fair to say Van Gaal shaded it. Just.

Ex-Man United boss David Moyes holidays in Bermuda, rumours of alleged antics posted on Reddit

When’s the last time David Moyes got some good press?

Potential harmful rumours are spreading around social media sites after former Manchester United boss Moyes was spotted on holiday in Bermuda over the weekend.

Two pictures have been put on Twitter showing the unemployed Scottish boss happily posing for pictures with fans.

Whilst Moyes clearly did the gentlemanly thing taking the snaps with the random holiday-makers, some of the comments on the tweets weren’t all that kind to the former Old Trafford gaffer.

The narrative worsens, however, on Reddit, in an entry marked “So David Moyes shows up in a Bar in Bermuda here on Saturday, Gets hammered drunk and shifts some young one at the bar in a night club here. What a man! (photo from said night)”.

Pictures of David Moyes in Bermuda, plus edits from the Reddit page revealing the former Man United manager’s alleged antics in the Caribbean, are below.

CRUSH THE BOOKIES: Brazil are a huge 4/1 to qualify past Germany!!!

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.10.53 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.11.11 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.11.42 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.12.16 AM

David Moyes arrives in Istanbul for talks about becoming Galatasaray manager [Reports]

It is a day when David Moyes might make the headlines anyway but the Scot has ended up in the top stories because he’s apparently set to become the new Galatasaray boss.

While former club Man United make a mockery of his transfer traumas at the club last year by signing a succession of players, Moyes won’t be haunted as he seeks pastures new.

Moyes was photographed at Istanbul airport, provided by, and is said to have had an ‘exchange of ideas’ with people at the club.

We’re going to assume not signing anyone until the last day of the transfer window wasn’t one of them.

Ex-Man United manager David Moyes turns up to watch England v Ecuador [Pictures]

Former Manchester United manager David Moyes was in attendance in Miami as England took on Ecuador on Wednesday in a World Cup warm up match.

Moyes’ appearance at the match brought the Scottish manager back into focus after he was left unemployed after losing his job at Old Trafford after a terrible season for the Red Devils.

As England fell behind to Ecuador courtesy of Enner Valencia’s 8th minute header, the jokes going around social media sites was that Moyes had jinxed the Three Lions.

So did the Moyes effect actually effect the England team? Unlikely, but bashing the Scottish boss seems like something most football fans enjoy doing.

See pictures of ex-Man United manager David Moyes at England v Ecuador below.

David Moyes in The Sunday Times: Long-term planning at Man United no longer possible

Besides a statement following his departure from Manchester United, we have heard very little from David Moyes.

In the main we have been left to reflect on Moyes’ failed tenure at Old Trafford after taking on the impossible job from Sir Alex Ferguson.

Moyes has penned a piece in The Sunday Times today and argues, as one would expect, that it is no longer possible to plan long-term at Manchester United.

Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he!

Much of the article is very positive, with Moyes claiming he has received job offers since being sacked by Manchester United and would be keen to work again, perhaps abroad.

The former Everton boss also refutes many of the rumours about falling out with Manchester United players and has some kind words for the fans at Manchester United.

Article via @DanielHarris.

Brilliant Spoof of referee Howard Webb confessing his love for Manchester United [Video]

This is an absolutely brilliant spoof from the equally brilliant Youtube channel Beanyman Sports.

The channel cleverly picked up on an a real interview with referee Howard Webb talking about his local club, who are called ‘… United’, and devilishly doctored the video to make it seem like Webb was confessing his love for Manchester United.

The former cop has long been accused of holding a bias for Man United due to the number of penalties and soft decisions he’s given in their favor over the years.

Watch the hilarious spoof below, the highlight of which is undoubtedly Webb saying, ‘We nearly lost the club altogether under Moyes’. (!)

Builder involved in wine bar brawl with David Moyes getting death threats from football fans [Star]

David Moyes barroom brawl last Wednesday night is having lasting effects for his ‘opponent’  Josh Gillibrand, with the young builder now receiving death threats from ‘football fans’, according to tomorrow’s Star.

The red-top splash the story across their front page tomorrow, really milking the story for all it’s worth.

Moyes is said to have attacked Gillibrand after being heckled and laughed at outside the bar for ‘never having won anything’.

Builder tells off his ‘Bloody brawl with David Moyes’ [Friday’s Sun front page]

David Moyes was involved in a pretty unseemly event on Thursday evening, believed to have been a key protagonist in a fight outside a wine bar.

Accounts have varied as to what actually happened, with one eyewitness claiming an overturned table was the extent of the damage, while others have suggested bottles were smashed and fists thrown.

Tomorrow’s Sun is pretty unequivocal in any case, with the man in question, a builder, believed to have told police about his ‘bloody brawl with David Moyes’.

The red top have splashed the story right across their FRONT page, which will hardly do Moyes’ rep any favours, regardless of his actual involvement or guilt.


Emporium wine bar eyewitness claims David Moyes scuffle was ‘blown out of proportion’ [Clitheroe Times]

An eyewitness to the scuffle that former Man United manager David Moyes became involved in  last night has told the Clitheroe Times (the locale where it took place) that it’s been ”blown out of proportion”.

The 26-year old man was at the Emporium Wine Bar and claims to have seen the whole thing for himself, scoffing the suggestion that a bottle was smashed over somebody’s head, as has been reported.

He told the Clitheroe Times: “I was in the Emporium having a drink with a friend when we noticed David Moyes in the next lounge with three other men.

“They’d been there for a couple of hours having a drink and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“Around 10pm one of the men went outside, perhaps for a cigarette, when he became involved in a heated argument. A table was knocked over, but that was about as serious as it got.

“David Moyes and the others went outside to see what was happening and the police arrived incredibly quickly.

“The group involved in the scuffle seemed to be in their 20s. I don’t know what was said, but it obviously caused some offence.”

So David Moyes knows how to attack after all! Ex-Man United boss speaks to police over alleged wine bar assault

Former Manchester United boss David Moyes has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons on Thursday, after being pulled in to speak to police over alleged wine bar assault.

In a statement Lancashire police said:

Police are investigating a report of an assault at the Emporium wine bar in Clitheroe.

Officers attended the bar at about 10pm on Wednesday and it was reported that a 23-year-old local man had been assaulted by a 51-year-old man. He did not require hospital treatment.

Inquiries are ongoing and we are speaking to a number of people to try to establish the circumstances.

There are a number of differing accounts, which we need to work through to try to establish exactly what has happened. No one has been arrested at this stage.

Manchester United fans are using the story to have a laugh at David Moyes’ for finally learning how to attack.

Nemanja Vidic reveals Manchester United players had bitter arguments with David Moyes [Telegraph Interview]

Now officially a former Manchester United player, Inter Milan defender Nemanja Vidic is free of the dressing room omerta which has prevented United players revealing their true feelings of the ill-fated Moyes regime.

And in tomorrow’s Telegraph, Vida tells all in an exclusive interview.

The Serb reveals that bitter arguments with Moyes threatened to tear the season completely apart, as the players couldn’t cope with the failure unfolding before their eyes.

Vidic tells his interviewer that Old Trafford is a much happier place now that Moyes has left the building.

It will be an interesting read, and intriguing to see just how much detail Vidic goes into.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti rejects jaw-dropping €18m offer from Man United to join [El Confidencial]

Manchester United are on a search for a new manager, having sacked David Moyes in recent weeks.

Louis Van Gaal appears to be top of the wishlist, with the Dutchman rumoured to sign in the near future.

According to El Confidencial, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti was approached by Man United and offered €18m a year to sign.

If accepted, Carlo Ancelotti would’ve become the highest paid manager of all-time but rejected the opportunity stating that he is happy at Real Madrid.

Pep Guardiola is the highest paid manager in world football, currently earning €17m at Bayern Munich.

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Sacked Man United boss David Moyes to be approached by Newcastle if they sack Pardew [Express]

David Moyes lasted less than a year in charge of Manchester United, turning them from Champions into 7th placed has-beens.

Now taking a much-needed holiday, tomorrow’s Sunday Express claims Newcastle United could approach him this summer to replace Alan Pardew.

Despite securing Newcastle a mid-table finish, Pardew has struggled badly in the second half of the campaign and fans have called for his head.

It is unclear whether or not Mike Ashley will fire his under pressure manager but David Moyes is reportedly the number one choice to replace him.

Alan Pardew was pleased with his side after today’s 3-0 victory over Cardiff.

Man United’s Wayne Rooney sent to hospital for scan after reported double training session by Ryan Giggs

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney has been sent to hospital for a scan after limping out of training today.

Depending on the severity of the injury, it could hamper Rooney’s hopes of competing at an international tournament fully fit, with the World Cup just over a month away.

The injury occurred during a double training session set up by interim Man United boss Ryan Giggs, but whether this has anything to do with the injury is at the minute unclear.

If that is the case then clearly Giggs learned something from David Moyes, apparently bemoaned by players due to his rigorous training sessions.

Paddy Power upload video of Man United’s sacked boss David Moyes statue outside Anfield before Liverpool v Chelsea [Video]

Last week Paddy Power sent the Grim Reaper to haunt David Moyes during their defeat to Everton.

This week, having seen off the Manchester United manager, Paddy Power sent a statue to Anfield for Liverpool and Chelsea fans to laugh at.

Now unemployed, Moyes statue didn’t help Liverpool today as they were beaten 2-0 by Chelsea in a crucial game.

The betting company produced a video for their strange publicity stunt.

WTF! Man United executives impressed by how many Likes Ryan Giggs garnered on Instagram

The above two sentences may be among the most extraordinary written this week about David Moyes’ departure and Ryan Giggs taking over as Manchester United interim coach.

Jason Burt is one of the Daily Telegraph’s lead football writers and has effectively claimed today that Manchester United executives are keeping an eye on social media to decide who their next manager should be.

The full article is titled: “How Manchester United fell out of love with David Moyes” and we are told the startling admission in the section “Too regimented in training.”

We believe the picture referenced by Burt was that of Ryan Giggs when it was announced he was taking over from David Moyes.

This has currently 110,000 Likes on Instagram and was only surpassed yesterday by two more pictures of Ryan Giggs, which can also be seen below.

What happens if Louis van Gaal takes over and doesn’t get many Likes on Instagram?!

Paddy Power erect a statue of ex-Man United manager David Moyes outside Anfield for Liverpool v Chelsea

BET OF THE DAY: 2/1 odds on Liverpool to win & 6/1 odds on Chelsea to win!

Irish bookmakers Paddy Power have pulled another PR stunt ahead of the Super Sunday clash between Liverpool and Chelsea.

Paddy Power have erected a statue of former Man United manager David Moyes scowling outside Anfield.

The Moyes statue is inscribed with the message “For services to LIverpool Football Club” on the base.

See pictures of the David Moyes statue outside Anfield below.

Ex-Man United boss David Moyes has job offers from Germany, Spain & Turkey [Sunday Express]

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 12.20.04 AMAccording to the Sunday Express’ Jim Holden, David Moyes is not short of options having been given the chop by Manchester United.

Less than a week after Moyes was sacked from Old Trafford, the former Everton boss has reportedly been inundated with phone calls asking about the Scot’s thoughts on his next move, with clubs in the Bundesliga and La Liga apparently sounding Moyes out.

In a so-called “EXCLUSIVE” by Jim Holden we learn:

David Moyes is set to make a swift return to football management after being bombarded with interest from clubs across Europe in the past few days since he was sacked by Manchester United.

Despite his bruising experience at Old Trafford, the 51-year-old Scot remains very much a man in demand and he is eager to bounce back with a new team next season.

One possibility that could be high on the agenda is a move to the German Bundesliga, a leafe he has always admired…

There has been serious contact already from German and clubs in Spain and Turkey, as well as discreet inquires from the Premier League. 

Spurs fans at Stoke: “We don’t want David Moyes. He’s a boring c***” [video]

It was the Evening Standard that initially started the rumour in the middle of last week.

David Moyes, recently sacked by Manchester United, was being considered for the Tottenham job, to replace Tim Sherwood, according to the local London paper.

It stacks up considering Moyes will likely end up at a mid-table Premier League club and Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has previously considered the former Everton boss before.

But, Tottenham fans do not want Moyes at White Hart Lane, the Scot simply doesn’t play the right football that the north London side are used to…

If Louis van Gaal is off to Manchester United, Spurs should pull out all the stops for Frank De Boer.

It will probably be Mauricio Pochettino though, right?!

Who was behind “Thank U Moyes Malta FF” plane banner during Man United-Norwich 1st half?

It was not the first plane banner at Manchester United this season…

And, after the infamous effort during Manchester United’s 4-1 win over Aston Villa, today saw another one during Ryan Giggs’ first game in charge of the Red Devils.

So, who was responsible for “Thank U Moyes Malta FF,” a sentiment many opposing sides could agree with?!

The Times of has all the info:

A group of Maltese football fans will fly a sarcastic banner thanking former Manchester United manager David Moyes for his poor stint at the helm of the club.

The banner, reading: “Thank you Moyes- Malta FF”, will be flown over the Old Trafford stadium for the first 15 minutes of this weekend’s Premier League match against Norwich FC.

Organised by a Facebook group of football aficionados called Football Forum, the banner is meant as a dig at the manager’s poor performance at the club.

The club is expected to end the season with its worst placing since the top flight was set up back in 1992.

One of the organisers of the tongue-in-cheek tribute, said the 30 forum members who had contributed towards the idea were all fans of rival clubs who had “enjoyed Moyes as manager”.

Last week a similar banner was flown reading: “wrong one, Moyes out”. The banner was a play on the manager’s unfortunate title of “the chosen one”.

The news of Mr Moyes’s termination with the club earlier this week was met with sighs of relief from the local fan contingent, many of which had said they had almost given up on watching the club.”

We have one major gripe with this: ENGLAND’S TOP FLIGHT DID NOT START IN 1992!!!!!!!!!

#GiggsOut trends on Twitter as new Manchester United boss picks Cleverley over Juan Mata [Best tweets]

From incredibly early on in his tenure at Man United, David Moyes was surely aware of the hugely popular MoyesOut hashtag on Twitter.

Ahead of Ryan Giggs’s first game in charge, #GiggsOut began trending (surely as a joke) as the player-manager handed Tom Cleverley a start over Juan Mata.

We hope none of the Manchester United fans tweeting #GiggsOut are being serious. Surely not.

Some of the best tweets can be seen below.

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