The Fastest Goal EVER? Vuk Bakic (GSP Polet) scores v Dorcol after 2 seconds

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The Fastest Goal EVER? Vuk Bakic (GSP Polet) scores v Dorcol after 2 seconds

A youth match played in Serbia on Saturday may have featured the fastest goal ever as Vuk Bakic scored straight from kick off in a Serbian youth match between GSP Polet and Dorcol.

Quite simply, the referee blew to start the match and Vuki Bakic lofted a glorious long ranger over the keeper to the delight of his team mates with the first kick of the encounter.

Zoran Sredic, the coach of GSP Polet, told Serbian media that “The kid came up with the idea to surprise the goalkeeper and watched his position in the box… after each training session Bakic usually stays behind to hit the crossbar from a variety of angles.”

Despite the impressive video below, not all is clear cut. First off, Bakic’s team mate is standing in the opposition half – a fact which was reportedly protested by the Dorcol players, which means this strike may not have been legal.

Vuk Bakic’s lightning goal did count and GSP Polet would go on to win the match 4-1.

The previous fastest goal ever, according to 101 Great Goals records, was claimed by Michail Osinov of Mitos Olympia Gelendzhik in the Russian Second Division South in October 2011 but Vuk Bakic’s effort looks a little quicker.

Previous quickest goal ever claimants included, Nawaf Al Abed (Al Hilal) who scored in 2 seconds v Al Shoalah but the game was cancelled due to ineligible players. Therefore, the previous recognised fastest goal, until Osinov’s strike, was widely considered to be Fred’s effort for Atletico Mineiro, timed at 3.17 seconds.

After the jump, see the previous fastest goals from Michail Osinov, Nawaf Al Abed (Al Hilal) and Fred to compare to what we and the Serbian media believe to be the new record holder which is the first video below.

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