The best Nutmeg EVER?! Valon Berisha (Norway U17s) v Faroe Islands

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The best Nutmeg EVER?! Zymer Bytyqi (Norway U17s) v Faroe Islands

After posting a sensational Nuts! from a match in Norway on Monday afternoon (see here) we were sent another excellent nutmeg we hadn’t seen via the 101 Great Goals Facebook page.

This sensational footwork came in a match this past summer between Norway Under-17s and their Faroe Islands counterparts.

So, as a result, we are opening it up to the floor. Let us know what are the greatest nutmegs from anywhere and anytime in planet football in the comments below.

We will hopefully post a top 10 list later on this week.

UPDATE: Originally, we beleived this nutmeg was performed by Valon Berisha, it has since been corrected to Zymer Bytyqi.

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