One of the all-time great misses! Boti Demel (Zestafoni) v Merani Martvili

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One of the all-time great misses! Christel Baneba Ngmanen (Merani Martvili) v (Zestafoni)

This is epic!

Zestafoni, a side from the Georgian top division (Umaglesi Liga) played a friendly on Saturday as they looked to keep fresh during the international break.

A 2-1 win over Merani Martvili means Ivory Coast striker Boti Demel won’t have to worry for too long about his ridiculous miss.

Now corrected – looks like Christel Baneba Ngmanen of Merani Martvili was the player culpable – thanks for the info in the comments.

But, this clip looks set to go viral (remember where you saw it first!) and the guffaws from the crowd are indication of just what a FAIL this is!

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