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Cristiano Ronaldo heckled with “Messi, Messi” chants on arrival at Portugal squad HQ

Cristiano Ronaldo heckled with “Messi, Messi” chants on arrival at Portugal squad HQ

20130204dasdasftb 68 Cristiano Ronaldo heckled with Messi, Messi chants on arrival at Portugal squad HQ“Fan shouting ‘Messi’ upon my arrival in Portugal? I don’t want to answer that, I want questions about the national team!” – Cristiano Ronaldo.

It hasn’t been a very good couple of days for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Following the own goal, the first of his career, that sent Real Madrid crashing to defeat at Granada, the former Manchester United forward was verbally abused as he arrived at the Portugal squad HQ for Wednesday’s match with Ecuador.

The Portuguese captain looked visibly upset with the “Messi, Messi” chants from one bystander, who was reportedly upset he didn’t get an autograph from Ronaldo.

This chanting looks particularly harsh when you consider Ronaldo is set to play in Wednesday’s friendly with groin and ankle injuries picked up against Granada.

Besides the quote above, Ronaldo also said: “I have played 10 years with the Portugal national team, an isolated comment will not tarnish my commitment. It is an honour for me to represent my country, wear this shirt and when I am here I feel as if I am with my family.”

Footage of Cristiano Ronaldo being trolled with “Messi, Messi” chants last night is on the video below.

A second new video follows, showing that we should appreciate Ronaldo (just look at how many great players he has left on the floor!) even in the midst of Lionel Messi’s greatness.

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