Amazing emotional scenes as Fabrice Muamba returns to White Hart Lane

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Amazing emotional scenes as Fabrice Muamba returns to White Hart Lane

On March 17th, during an FA Cup match between Tottenham and Bolton, football experienced a major turning point as Fabrice Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch.

As we now all know, thanks to the courageous efforts of the on-site medical staff and the Tottenham fan who burst onto the pitch at the time, Muamba defied death despite his heart stopping for an unbelievable 78 minutes.

The former footballer’s recovery took a major step forward on Thursday night when he faced his demons head-on during the halftime interval of Tottenham versus Maribor in the Europa League.

As Muamba waited to step out onto the WHL grass for the first time since March, TV cameras broadcasted hugely emotional images of Fabrice taking big, deep breathes as he prepared to revisit the location of his life-changing experience.

When it came to the moment of truth when Muamba stepped out onto the surface, the ex-pro naturally seemed to find the whole experience overwhelming. Rubbing away the tears from his eyes, Muamba received a thoroughly deserved round of applause from the Spurs supporters.

Watch Fabrice Muamba’s return to White Hart Lane below, while a collection of Tweets marking the occasion can be read below.

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