Zlatan FAIL: Ibra badly caught in possesion, sulks on his knees, Montpellier break away to score

Zlatan’s hailed and decried in the same breath for being a ‘walking footballer’.

He displays nonchalance that would make a Rasta uneasy, and indeed has come in for stiff criticism for this from PSG fans, despite finishing as Ligue 1 top scorer last season.

Though it’s more often than not to his advantage, his casualness proved his undoing in PSG’s Ligue 1 opener tonight, as, having lost possession in the centre circle, he dropped to his knees in a stroppy sulk – and remained there while Montpellier broke up the field and scored!

He then pulled a classic Zlatan face, part ‘mea culpa’, part ‘don’t f—-king dare blame me for that!’

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