You Flagging Idiot! Mass brawl mars Nottingham Forest win over Derby (video)

Nottingham Forest won a thrilling 3-2 encounter with Derby on Saturday, however the match was spoiled by a mass brawl between the clubs at full-time.

The catalyst for the argy-bargy was Forest forward Nathan Tyson. Once the whistle blew to call time on the 5-goal thriller, Tyson stupidly and antagonistically marched over to take the hosts corner flag out of the turf and the striker began waving the flag in front of the Derby away fans.

Rams players Dean Leacock and Gary Teale confronted Tyson for inciting the Derby fans behind the goal, and it didn’t take long for law and order to be lost as players from both teams became involved in the melee. Working overtime, the home stewards also were forced to hold back raging Derby fans who wanted to take their protest onto the pitch.

Footage of the Nottingham Forest-Derby brawl can be seen here.