Wow! Futsal superstar Falcao scores another ridiculous spinning backheel lob free-kick!

Futsal superstar Falaco has been up to his old tricks!

Falcao has uploaded an Instagram video onto his personal account showing him score yet another ridiculous spinning backheel lob free-kick!

The first time Falcao scored such a goal, in December 2012, the move quickly went viral but has not been replicated by anyone since – probably because no one is audacious enough other than the Brazilian star!

See the final video below for the spinning backheel lob free-kick in December 2012.

Above is Falcao’s Instagram video with the free-kick and another sweet trick all from an event this past Sunday in Sorriso.

The first video below is a YouTube clip – showing the most recent free-kick in all its glory…