Where’s the Sniper?! Juve’s Arturo Vidal manufactured the worst dive ever v Real Madrid, not even booked!

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Arturo Vidal, one of football’s hitherto hard men, lost some serious man points in Juve’s defeat at Real Madrid tonight.

Breaking into the box, and being harried by Illarramendi, he’d actually then broken free and could probably have gotten have a shot off, before fresh airing his shot and hitting the ground, and then theatrically throwing himself in the air as if he’d been shot by a sniper.

Worse was yet to come though.

Not only did he brazenly demand a penalty with faux-outrage, he started waving an imaginary card! What did he want, the grass booked?!

To cap it all, he wasn’t even booked himself, as the ref simply waved the incident on, probably unable to believe what he’d just witnessed.

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