When teammates attack: Roberto Ovelar vs Jorge Molina (Alianza Lima)

“This is football and these things happen.” – Alianza Lima coach, Gustavo Costas.

Well, what else could the coach have said after seeing two of his players punching and kicking each other in the full glare of the watching media who had been invited to observe Alianza Lima’s open practice session.

It has been a difficult last few days for Peruvian outfit Alianza Lima after two of the players, Roberto Ovelar and Jorge Molina, were caught on camera in a full-on fist fight with one another after the teammates clashed at training. The problems came about after Peruvian Ovelar Molina robbed Paraguayan Roberto Ovelar of the ball in a training match, only for Ovelar to react badly to the tackle.

It wasn’t long before all hell broke loose, and almost immediately Ovelar and Molina were trading punches and kicks in a full-blooded fight. Eventually three other teammates managed to separate the warring parties, but by that point the damage was done.

The fight between Roberto Ovelar and Jorge Molina can be seen here.