Was Wayne Rooney’s “12th man” comment really comparable to Drogba’s Champions League outburst?

After receiving a wrap across the knuckles after mouthing the words “12th man” to the TV cameras after Manchester United’s 1-nil defeat to Chelsea on Sunday, the papers are lining up to report on Wayne Rooney’s bad-boy behaviour this Tuesday.

The Guardian’s Dominic Fifield appears to go a step too far though, but claiming that Rooney’s outburst was comparable to Didier Drogba’s imfamous reaction to Chelsea’s Champions League exit to Barcelona last season.

According to the hack, “the incident had prompted comparisons with Drogba’s reaction to elimination from last season’s Champions League by Barcelona at the semi-final stage though, where the Ivorian had sworn into a camera with Uefa considering his manic behaviour to have been threatening to the Norwegian official, Rooney’s was one of muttered disgust. His comment, with its perceived criticism of the referee, Martin Atkinson, was broadcast live, prompting the FA to warn a player who has been booked only three times this season to date.”

Is such a comparison warranted?

Wayne Rooney’s “12th man” comment can be seen here, while Drogba’s outburst can be relived here.

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  1. Well the obvious difference is that Sky didn’t take off the studio commentary, increase the volume, then re-broadcast it at volume 5 minutes later, then repeat it 300 times over the next 24 hours.

    Drogba criticised the situation, not the ref. “IT is a disgrace” not “the ref is a disgrace”. Drogba’s expletive was 1 hour after the watershed on a weeknight, not 6pm on a Sunday (family) afternoon. Rooney’s comment impugned the integrity of the individual ref, criticising him personally, having chased him repeatedly throughout the game.

    Rooney’s behaviour was Drogba plus Ballack combined and in circumstances where more children could’ve viewed an England international, not a foreign international, receiving no yellow (which would have been his second of the afternoon and therefore a red card).

    Of course, Drogba received a 3-game ban and there were calls for Ballack to be punished further than his yellow card. Rooney was rewarded with a slap on the wrist.

    And with several Utd players chasing the ref (Giggs even before Rooney) no-one has charged United with failing to control their players. In contrast, the likes of Wenger get red carded for kicking a water bottle.

  2. @Squiddy,maybe you’re not aware of this but Giggs is the Captain and as a captain has the right to ask the ref why a certain decision was(or wasn’t in case of shirt tugging and offside)taken.and by the way what gave you the idea he was criticising the situation?he was saying the ref was a disgrace and swearing along just as well.You’re obviously a chelski fan who know they shouldn’t have won..lol fu*k*ng disgrace is better than 12th man..lmao..

  3. Drogba was acting like a meth addict looking for his fix, to compare him to Rooney mouthing off two words (by the way, the 12th man could also be potentially taken as the home crowd like it is in other sports) is idiotic homerism.

    That said, the Man. players should have been booked much earlier for their behaviour but the problem is you have to book a lot more of these players that act up with referees. Many of them go out of their way to show up the refs and leagues should crack down on those in their idiotic Respect campaign.
    One player can address the referee, anyone else gets booked.
    Do this for 2-3 weeks and you’ll see the players will get the message.

    As for the weak crap that Squiddy vomited, go back to mommy please, the big world out there is too scary for you.
    Anyone who screams “Wont someone think of the children?” like Rev. Lovejoy’s wife on The Simpsons deserves all the scorn and ridicule they can get.
    Pathetic, weak and the result of having nothing to say.
    There are hundreds of things on TV that are worse, your precious kids wont have a seizure because some guy kicking a ball didnt get a card.

    There is already a Godwin’s law for those that throw in ‘nazi’ in a discussion to strenghten tehir point, there should be a Squiddy law for those that have to use ‘think of the poor children watching’.

  4. How can calling the ref the “12th men” anywhere close to calling the ref a “f******g disgrace”? But most importantly, why the heck is someone even mentioning the children that watched the game this sunday afternoon?

    I guess Rooney saying “12th men” is a lot worse than listening to Drogba cursing on live tv… If anything, wayne could have been talking about the crowd as being the 12th men, with the pressure they exercised on the ref during the game… Heck, senior ding dong could be right: Rooney might have called Joe Cole an elf man!!

    To Squiddy: at this point, your implying that Wayne criticised the ref just like you say that Drogba was criticising the situation. Although we can argue on the matter, either way, Drogba still said “it’s a f******g disgrace” compared to “12th men”… I’m sure your kid can explain you the difference and which is worse.

    Bottom line, Rooney was simply right and all chelski fans don’t want to admit it: if it wasn’t for the refs poor decisions, chelsea never would’ve had that free kick /or ref would have called an offside /or ref would have called a foul against Drogba for holding Brown.

  5. It was a refereeing mistake. They happen. It sucks when it happens against your team but they also happen for you. I’m an Arsenal fan, we’ve had penalties go against us and penalties go for us. Sure it sucks when it affects the game but we have to get over it.

    Even if the refereeing decisions were poor how many times have United got penalties at Old Trafford from poor refereeing. Speaking of 12th men, what about when United had an 3 minutes of added time on added time in the Manchester Derby. That was comparable. You won that game and lost this one. Get over it.

  6. Taking each point in turn:

    Giggs is captain: Yes. However, that’s never stopped people complaining about Terry approaching the ref. But what do you have to say about Giggs’ trailing troup of Rooney, Fletcher, Carrick, Brown, O’Shea and Evans who followed him to the ref on most occasions as well? That’s surrounding the ref and a failure to control players. FA charge required.

    Not criticising the ref at the time: Yes, no doubt Giggs (and Rooney, Fletcher, Carrick etc) were congratulating the ref on penalising Utd players for an obvious foul. How silly of me.

    12th man could mean something else: I agree with this. I think Rooney meant that seeing as Utd buy every ref going that he’d got very poor value in the plain bias shown to Utd all day. Nothing was decisive to make up for only one half decent shot on goal from what SAF laughingly thought was all-day domination of the game. Very poor return for the money. I’d go to trading standards over that.

    Think of the children: I agree again. Let ’em die for all I care. However, this was the precise reason given for the furore over Drogba and as that’s the basis of this article it deserves mention. Fact is, children up at 10pm on a schoolnight should have their parents investigated by social services, while 6pm on a Sunday evening is more realistic.

    Godwins Law: I didn’t mention this. You did. Therefore you lose. That’s the law.

    “12th man” vs “Fark”: 12th man implies corruption. “Fark” is a very malleable word and one of the most useful in the English language. Look at Wikipedia’s view. In Drogba’s case it’s used for emphasis only. It emphasised that the laws of the game were bypassed. Laws say that an arm to the throat is a direct free kick and penalty in the area (Alves), that a handball is a direct free kick and a penalty in the area (Pique). That an arm ‘deliberately’ raised and led with in defending a shot is a direct free kick and penalty in the area (Eto’o) and that a trip across the thigh while pulling a shirt is a direct free kick and penalty in the area (Abidal). Cards of various colours were also required as appropriate. None of that occured. The disgrace was that none of these laws were upheld by the referee when it’s his precise duty to do so. That it was a ‘farking’ disgrace was emphasis that so many failures occurred in one game in one direction only (no need to mention Abidal’s red card here – Abidal admitted it was a conscious and deliberate foul the next day). As such, Drogba was arguing in defence of the game’s laws, while Rooney was implying corruption by the officials. This is the essence of the difference and why Rooney’s behaviour was worse. All this makes no further comment on the bfact that Sky deliberately re-broadcast Drogba’s words in higher volume after the ad break, then Keys pretended it was a sudden and unexpected shock that he wasn’t expecting. This was the lie that sealed the TV bias and the cause of the incessant repetition for days later, making the victims out as the aggressors. A complete and total travesty.

    Rooney was simply right: Ivanovic was booked for getting the ball first, while Fletcher wasn’t booked for kicking Cole 5 foot up in the air. Carvalho was booked for kicking a ball while Evans received only the same for kicking Carvalho in the back of the legs 10 yards away from the ball. Drogba was booked for being pounded by studs 5ft up in the air while Evans received nothing for a studs-up assault where he did the worst part after the ball was gone. If that’s bias against United, you’ve been spoiled.

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