Uruguay boss Oscar Tabarez inexplicably stands by Liverpool’s Luis Suarez after biting incident [Tweets]

Oscar Washington Tabarez has apparently been reading the Kenny Daglish book of man management: in times of crisis, stand by your man.

Quizzed and harangued over the pictures of Suarez biting out at Chiellini during Uruguay’s win over Italy, Tabarez first deftly avoided passing judgement, saying he would need to see the incident before comment; but that true or not, they would defend him.

But he then spoke his true feelings, and failed to condemn Suarez, once it was clearly established in the press room that it had occured.

At the third time of asking, Tabarez bluntly replied: ‘This is a football World Cup, not about cheap morality.’

That’s not just a failure to condemn; that’s tantamount to endorsement…