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‘Under the influence’ Adriano appears on concert stage at 4.30am to declare his love for Brazil, Flamengo and the favelas

A visibly and audibly worse for wear Adriano rocked up on stage at live show on Thursday night/Friday morning (4.30am), to get a few things off his chest. Below is, more or less, what he had to say through slurs and long pauses…

‘People, I’m here to represent. Everyone knows the love I’ve always had for Flamengo, but one thing no one’s ever gonna take away: ”I’m from the favela! ‘They can say what they want about me bro, I was born and raised in the Penha. I came from there, and thanks toyou all I’m in my profession, you know what I mean? …Today I’m strong. I wanna tell everyone here I love my country and I love my Flamengo… I know tomorrow this is gonna be all over the Internet…and I’m a favelado!….A lot of players are scared, I’m Mengao in my heart! I’m not afraid to talk. They can charge me! Anyway, I love you!’

He missed training the next day, and his future at Flamengo is now under threat. Again. For the four, hundreth, time.

But this time, it really could be the end of the line for O Imperador.

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