Touch of the season contenders: Berbatov, Griezmann & Suarez – any others?

Dimitar Berbatov did not only produce a couple of big goals for Fulham v QPR on Monday night, the Bulgarian also plucked the ball out the air for a touch that has already been labelled the best of the season.

Subsequently, there were other suggestions, including Antoinne Griezmann from the French winger’s sublime goal for Real Sociedad versus Valladolid.

And, who could rule out one of the stars of the Premier League, with his own fan base from Anfield, Luis Suarez, for that goal v Newcastle.

Of course, both Griezmann and Suarez saw them score, whilst Berbatov did not lead to a goal.

This is by no means a definitive list, Feel free to suggest others in the comments and we will aim to get a longer post of the “best touches of 2012/2013” up accordingly.