Tigres fans fight amongst themselves after Toluca loss (video)

Football fans sadly often get into fights with each other, but far more rare is to see large sections of the same group turn against each other with violence. But that’s exactly what happened after Tigres fans saw their side lose 1-nil to Toluca on Saturday night in Mexico.

With just one win in 11 matches, and having lost four of their last five games, Tigres supporters lost it at the full-time whistle. After collectively calling for the sacking of coach Daniel Guzman, fans then began dishing out punishment to one another as cameras caught dozens of supporters involved in brawls in the stands.

It is not exactly clear what sparked the violence between the Tigres fans, but according to reports, what made the situation mushroom was a lack of security presence amongst the home fans. With no security tending to the home fans, the violence was allow to spiral out of control.

Footage of the Tigres fans battling each other can be seen here.