The uninternational elbow: Manuel Neuer (Schalke) vs Kevin Grosskreutz (Borussia Dortmund)

Schalke goalkeeper Manuel Neuer denied intentionally elbowing Dortmund’s Kevin Grosskreutz in a fiery aftermath to the 134th Revier derby on Saturday.

Grosskreutz and his Dortmund team mates were incensed with the Schalke goalkeeper for his over-the-top celebrations after Schalke won the game 1-0 and accused him of provoking the home fans by celebrating in front of them.

On his way to the right end of the Westfalen Stadion, where the Schalke fans were gathered, he is alleged to have swung an elbow into Grosskreutz’s face, but the Germany international said such claims were made purely because Dortmund did not take losing very well.

The incident can be seen here.