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The Sexy And I Know It goal celebration: Marcello Matrone (HIK) v Henka Satomaa

matrone The Sexy And I Know It goal celebration: Marcello Matrone (HIK) v Henka SatomaaFor those of you that don’t know Brazilian forward Marcello Matrone of Finnish third division side HIK, here by way of his previous crazy celebrations is an introduction.

Matrone has established himself as a world-wide viral smash after repeatedly producing outlandish, pop-cultured, music-inspired goal celebrations and regularly tweets 101 Great Goals with his new routine.

His legacy is already pretty long: we’ve had the Shakira “Waka Waka” celebration, the Amy Winehouse celebration, the Lady Gaga celebration, as well as his Guns N’ Roses tribute and most recently the DJ Goal celebration.

The latest Marcello Matrone “Sexy And I Know It” goal celebration, inspired by the LMFAO tune, came on Sunday, the final day of the 3rd Division in Finland.

HIK took on Henka Satomaa with Matrone bagging a goal in a 1-1 draw which he had predicted on his Twitter feed pre match.

The Brazilian forward also informed 101 Great Goals that he is “available for transfer and hopes another club will be interested in his goals (21 goals in 19 games) and his celebrations.”

If you have any ideas for Marcello Matrone’s next club or celebration we advise you to contact him on Twitter @marcellomatrone.

 Enjoy Marcello Matrone’s “Sexy And I Know It” goal celebration below.

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