The Nasty Double Throw-In: A female college soccer player knocks out an opponent

Video from a women’s college soccer Stateside is going viral after it captured one of the most painful and funny throw-ins of the season.

Playing in the NESCAC championship, Amherst (white) held a narrow 1-nil lead over Colby (blue) when they won a throw-in in the 89th minute.

Rather than chucking the ball at a teammate, Amherst’s number 10 tossed the ball straight at an unlucky Colby player’s head and the ball comically bounced right back out of play.

But then came the follow-up.

After hitting her target first time round, the Amherst’s number 10 got far more aggressive with her second attempt. Summoning all her strength, she hurled a vicious throw-in at the already-dazed Colby’s player’s noggin, and this time the girl in blue was knocked down to the floor.

Watch the nasty throw-in below.

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