Derek McGovern calls Cristiano Ronaldo stupid & says he won’t score against Man United

What has Derek McGovern been smoking?!

The man responsible for the betting column in the Daily Mirror went on a savage attack of Cristiano Ronaldo in his piece on Wednesday. Some of McGovern’s comments were truly astounding.

Getting to the meat of McGovern’s tirade, the hack insinuated that Ronaldo is plain stupid, saying the Real Madrid attacker can’t understand words with “more than two syllables” whilst adding that Ronaldo once thought that the four seasons were “salt, pepper, vinegar and mustard.”

McGovern encourages his Mirror readers to bet against Ronaldo scoring in the match, while concluding that the “only logical bet is [Manchester] United.”

Read McGovern’s incredible article on Ronaldo below.

(via @DanielHarris)