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The love-in! Jurgen Klopp expresses his deep admiration for Arrigo Sacchi

 The love in! Jurgen Klopp expresses his deep admiration for Arrigo SacchiEvery interview Jurgen Klopp gave in the aftermath of Borussia Dortmund emerging past Real Madrid and reaching the Champions League final was great.

With ITV, Klopp compared how “lucky” his side had been in comparison with the last Borussia Dortmund team to reach the Champions League final, who had been fortunate against Manchester United in the semi-finals.

And, in the press conference, there was a lovely line about how Klopp had never been to Wembley before but “I have watched Wimbledon many times though.”

But by far the most touching Klopp interview came on Italian TV in an interview with former AC Milan and Italy boss Arrigo Sacchi.

After he was congratulated by Sacchi, Klopp appears to become a bit emotional, mentioning some Rossoneri greats and says “I learned it all from your Milan… My Borussia Dortmund is only 10% of Arrigo Sacchi’s Milan.”

Great stuff!

The Jurgen Klopp-Arrigo Sacchi love-in is below, followed by the other interviews given by the Borussia Dortmund coach in English.

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