The Boy’s Special! Barcelona’s Seung Woo Lee (14) scores 4 in brilliant performance

We know full well that Barcelona’s first team has a few special players. For example, there’s one guy who’s managed to score 91 goals in 2012.

Well… the youth team may have a Korean Messi in their ranks. Spotted at age 13 by scouts at the u-13 WC in South Africa, Lee is already making a name for himself at La Masia.

This week, 14 year old Seung Woo Lee scored a ‘Lionel Messi-like’ 4 goals in Barcelona’s 7-0 win against Tortosa. Remember the name in years to come.

Wearing the number 9 shirt, Lee’s incredible hat-trick goal can be seen at 3:35 but we’d advise watching the whole clip.

Watch his full highlights here: