Telegraph journalist Henry Winter says Luis Suarez needs psychological help [Video]

There has been plenty of reaction today about the results of Luis Suarez’s appeal to CAS.

The striker was trying to have his four month ban from football reduced but his pleas were rejected. However, he was granted permission to train with Barcelona and to play friendlies for his new club.

Telegraph journalist Henry Winter disagrees with this verdict. Winter thinks that CAS have been lenient to Suarez by allowing him to play friendlies and that he may miss the point of the ban if he’s allowed to play.

He also thinks that CAS should have urged Suarez to get some kind of psychological help in order to overcome this taste for flesh that he clearly has.

You can listen to the views of Henry Winter in the video above.

Winter - perhaps one of the very few that are more of a Cxxt than Suarez. Suarez is pure cynic. The biting is all about getting someone to thump him and get a red card. The main trouble with Suarez has never been the biting, but the vicious fouling which has never been picked up by refs or FAs. He fouls and bites with the hope of getting an advantage. Every bite has come in a very big game where his side needed something to happen quick. When he bit Chellini Uruguay were going out of the WC. Total cynic, but completely aware of what he is doing. Winter needs the help, sick man.I think you just described every player in the game... but suarez is an easy target these days, let's go ahead with your assumption that he's the only one in the game vying to gain an illegal advantage. Idiot. Furthermore, your whole philosophy is wrong. Players today know more than anyone that their actions on and off the field (even off the ball) are being observed by the public and media. There are multiple cameras every match he plays that are instructed to stay on him from the moment he comes out of the tunnel to the moment he goes back in after the 90. They know there is no chance of getting away with silly stuff, even more so for suarez & other popular stars. It is a kneejerk reaction to his emotions- maybe 20 years ago you could have a nibble & poke someone in the eye in order to get them to retaliate, but between media coverage & cell footage from any of the thousands of fans at the match, I believe suarez knows that he didn't get away with it the first time, and he surely won't get away with it next time.
B101 Writer