Swansea’s Chico Flores trolls West Ham fans, ‘They should worry about their very long passes instead of me’ [Tweets]

It was the flashpoint of last weekend’s Premier League fixtures: Andy Carroll’s controversial sending off for his swinging arm on Chico Flores.

As has been discussed ad nauseum, Flores greatly exaggerated the contact – he clutched his face when he was hit on top of the head – and Hammers fans are still very sore over it.

As was entirely predictable given the nature of Twitter, Flores has been taking stick from West Ham fans for his theatrics ever since, and has tweeted his exasperation at the continued insults.

He then hilariously trolls them back by saying they should be more preoccupied with their ‘very long passes, never quick short passes’ than to be wasting ther time worrying about this incident.

Check out Flores’ mini-rant below; you get the feeling he may have just made them more angry.

Get ready to avail of the block button, Chico.