Sunday Supplement: Chelsea’s plight; Lucky Liverpool & David Beckham

Sitting around Shaun Custis’ breakfast table this week, first up for discussion was Chelsea’s woes dissected by Martin Lipton (Daily Mirror), who predicted that Scolari could be out by the end of the season. Matt Dickinson (The Times) chirped in saying “there is no reason to think there will be in any redemption in the Champions League.”

Next up for discussion were Liverpool’s title chances. Matt Dickinson argued that Benitez is still reliant on two players whilst Lipton argued that letting Robbie Keane go may have been a “gamble too far.” John Dillon (Daily Express) also added that despite buying so many players, Benitez doesn’t have a squad that can win the title.

Finally, the hacks analysed what it will mean for David Beckham to secure his 108th cap for England this week, matching Boby Moore’s record. John Dillon points out that Beckham “provokes debate” and then continues to discuss Goldenballs for another five minutes.

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  1. I just don’t get why anyone thinks Liverpool is a two-man side especially after yesterday’s match. Last year, Benayoun(11), Kuyt(11), and Babel(10) all broke the double digit mark in goals last year. All three of them are threats do it again this season as well.

    Not to mention they are second in the league this season in goals scored with 42, only 17 of those coming from Gerrard and Torres. If you add Kuyt’s and Alonso’s totals for the season, it equals 26, the same amount of Ronaldo, Rooney, Berbatov, and Tevez combined. Go figure.

  2. While they might think Liverpool will not win the league this season, which is entirely acceptable, Man United are probably the best team in Europe along with Barcelona, I’m not sure why the fact that Torres and Gerrard being so good is used as a criticism. They should be praising the fact that these 2 players are so marvellous, not slating the rest of the team because they are not as good. Liverpool still have some terrific players other than Torres and Gerrard, namely: Reina, Carragher, Mascherano, Alonso, Benayoun, Skrtel, Agger etc. I think Liverpool are probably the second best team in the country, and the table doesn’t lie, does it?

  3. I totally agree with the two previous responses. Liverpool always seems to get criticised for being over reliant on certain players. The same happened last season, yet we had more players (6 in fact)who scored 10 goals or more and the other top four teams only had three or four players scoring that many.

  4. Really? Absolutely toothless if you just consider goals scored? Look at Ronaldo and Ronney, they are easily involved in more of Man U’s goals. I will provide total stats (plus assists) if necessary but they scored 60 combined (in League, CL, & FA Cup) last year (with Tevez adding 19 more). The rest of the squad? 29 goals, and you know the Big 3 had at least a dozen assists on those.

    This year isn’t much different. Man U is basically a one-horse team, lose Ronaldo and they lose nearly have their offensive output.

    Just for kicks, consider this, Fabio Aurelio has as many league goals this season as Ryan Giggs, one.

    I don’t feel as if I’m going out on a limb by saying Alonso and Kuyt are just as ‘involved’ in Liverpool’s goalscoring.

  5. why when liverpool score late winners they are “lucky” yet when utd struggle and get a late winner its classed as a sign of champions? someone please answer this as i cant get my head around it……

  6. because of the performance put in in the 90 mins…true, Liverpool were resilient to come back twice and win the game but it was largely dependent on defensive blunders. im not takin anything away from liv. they showed good fighting spirit but united are praised more because they dominate their opponents and squeeze out a win:

    LIV vs CHE: lampard’s red card = one sided game…
    LIV vs POR: 2 defensive errors = equalizing goals

    once again, kudos to liverpool for fighting on, smetimes(jst like united) you need luck on ur side but united dominate more of the games they squeeze wins out of

  7. I’m a Liverpool fan but I have to agree with Mac2, Utd always look more likely to score than us.I also agree with Hugo, Manchester United will, more than likely, finish above us, but is that such an indictment of Rafa? Finishing just behind perhaps the best team in the world isn’t that bad.

  8. manchester utd yeserday were dominant were they? i must have been watching a different game, i agree utd are a better team and will probably win the league, but the press and pundits always say the same, late winners for one team is luck late winners for utd is class, its not just this season its over the years. utd have 10 or 12 1 0 wins this season, they have not been dominating teams with 15-20 shots on goal they have been perfoming amazingly in defence, and that to me is what is winning them the league their defence and not their “awesome” attack.

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