Standard’s Frederic Bulot puts a picture on Instagram, tagline: Smoke weed everyday

It looks like Standard Liege’s Frederic Bulot made be chilling a little too much during the summer break.

A mini-scandal has broken out in Belgium in the past few days after Standard Liege’s 22-year-old midfielder posted a picture onto Instagram with a eye-catching tagline.

Bulot’s picture showed the French footballer with smoke pouring out of his mouth with the tagline “Smoke weed every day.”

The picture was quickly removed from social network, but not before a handful of Frederic Bulot’s followers screengrabbed the image for public consumption.

Was it just a joke?

Bulot later reposted the image onto Twitter with the statement: Just for Laughs #chicha #electric It’s not electric combustion or nicotine, it is a water vapor with a taste of fruit.

The now deleted Instagram photo can be seen below.