Spurs winger Andros Townsend wondered if there would be a Szczesny Selfie after 6-0 defeat at Chelsea


Arguably, this goes to show how much it hurt the Tottenham players that Wojciech Szczesny took a Selfie on the White Hart Lane pitch alongside his Arsenal team mates after last week’s 1-0 north London derby win.

And, somehow you feel, if Spurs were every to win at the Emirates (or even score!) Andros Townsend and co. may return the favour!

Today, Andros Townsend took the opportunity to gain a small modicum of north London revenge for Spurs over Arsenal, with a Tweet celebrating the 6-0 win for Chelsea today at Stamford Bridge.

In fairness to Arsenal, Spurs were thrashed there 4-0 just a few weeks ago…