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Spurs boss Tim Sherwood: It’s been a long time since Glenn Hoddle’s managed a team, game’s moved on [Video]

Former Spurs player, player manager, and manager Glenn Hoddle still keeps a very close eye on his old side.

Hoddle’s had a pop at Tim Sherwood’s Spurs management this week, criticizing his body language while sitting in the Anfield stands while his side went down to a 4-0 beating to Liverpool.

Sherwood was asked about Hoddle’s beef at his presser today, but dismissed it emphatically, saying, ‘It’s been a long time since Glenn Hoddle’s managed a football team, the game has moved on significantly since then’.

Sherwood also brushed aside the body language issue in general, saying it would have went unnoticed had they won the game, and is only being used a stick to beat him with as they lost.

Watch Sherwood diss Hoddle on the clip below.

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